Book Summary “The French Period”

January 30th, 2011

Pierre LeMoyne, Sieur d’Iberville, a French Canadian asked the king of France for permission to found a colony near the mouth of the Mississippi River.  The king agreed and in 1698 d’Iberville left France with two frigates, two freight ships, marines, and 200 settlers including his brother (Jean Baptiste LeMoyne, Sieur de Bienville) and a priest, Father Anatase Douay.  Louis de Phelypeaux, Comte de Pontchartrain, the minister of marine, was the sponsor of this colonization voyage.On January 29, 1699 d’Iberville reached Pensacola, Florida, but the Spanish governor did not allow him to enter the harbor.  In February they arrived at Mobile Bay and the indians advised the Mississippi was only a short distance to the west.  He then landed on Ship Island (so named because it had a good harbor), built some huts, and went on to explore the coast of what is now Biloxi and Ocean Springs.  Another island discovered was named Massacre Island because of all of the bones found there, but was later renamed Dauphin Island.  Others include Horn Island (a powder horn was left there), Cat Island (the many raccoons looked like cats to the explorers), and Deer Island (because of the plentiful deer).On March 2, 1699 Iberville arrived at the mouth of the river.  The following day he discovered a bayou and named it for the day of the week, Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras).  Later he saw a red stick, the maypole used by indians for hanging up offerings, and named the settlement Baton Rouge.The indians took him home via a big lake which he named Pontchartrain for his sponsor, a smaller one which he named Maurepas for Pontchartrain’s son, and through a bay named Bay St. Louis, for the patron saint of the king.Iberville returned to France and left the command to Sieur de Sauvole.  In his absence, Bienville left often to expore the Mississippi.  On one trip in September of 1699, he encountered an English corvette approximately 75 miles from the mouth of the river.  Bienville told them that they were not in the Mississippi River, that it was further west, so they turned around and left.  To this day, that point in the river is called English Turn.Iberville returned to the colony in 1700.    He gave command ofr Fort Maurepas and the Ocean Springs settlement to Bienville.    Bienville stayed until the death of Sauvole in 1701 and Bienville became commander of the Louisiana Territory at the age of 22.In 1707 word reached France that the limited supplies that had been sent by France were being sold for six time their worth and as a result Bienville lost his position as commandant and acting governor.  His replacement, Nicholas Daneau, Sieur de Muy died on the way over and Bineville was reinstated.In November of 1708 the first land concessions were made in what would become the City of New Orleans.  In 1712 Louis XIV transferred control of Louisiana to a wealthy banker named Antoine Crozat for a period of fifteen years.  Crozat replaced Bienville with Antoine de LaMothe Cadillac, the founder of Detroit.Crozat gave up after 5 years and transferred the colony of 700 to The Company of the West for a period of 25 years.  In turn the company was to send to Louisiana 6,000 white colonists and 3,000 blacks within 10 years.  The president of the company was John Law.  John Law was the private advisor to Philippe, the Duc d’Orleans, who was the nephew of Louis XIV.John Law created a fraudulent scheme which called for the combining of the Bank of France and the Company of the West, his plan was called the Mississippi Bubble.  It called for encouraging people to buy shares in Louisiana land as well as buying land for themselves.  It also called for the enticement of the poor people of Europe to become engages, which were field hands for the Company.  Later in 1716, he signed a contract with the government of France allowing him to establish a private bank.  In 1717 he replaced the governor of Louisiana, Jean Michiele, Seigneur de Lepinay, with Bienville.John Law had posters put up all over Europe promising free land, provisions, and transportation to the new world for those who would volunteer to emigrate.  They were told that the soil there bore two crops per year without any cultivation & that the indians loved white people so much that they did all of the work for them!During this time, Bienville’s men cleared land and erected structures at the indian portage he selected back in 1699.  This was along a trail from the river to Bayou St. John, which Bienville named after his patron saint.  ]The original notable inhabitants of the city in 1718 were Bienville, his intendent, surveyors, carpenters, troops, and a few concessionaires.  There was de la Tour the Royal engineer, Pauger, second engineer, Ignace Broutin who built the Ursuline Convent, doctors, priests, & soldiers.John Law’s career ended with his flight from Paris as a bankrupt fugitive in 1720.  He fled to Belgium with escorts provided by the Duc d’Orleans.


January 30th, 2011

After years of neglecting this blog I am going to try and start writing again.  In this category called Tourguiding I will write a summary of each reading assignment and field trip from the tourguiding class I am taking at Delgado Community College.  The class is a preparation for the exam to obtain a City of New Orleans tourguiding license.  It is a very interesting class and just maybe I can pick up some extra money when I get licensed.


August 8th, 2008

On my Balcony in BarcelonaI have been in Barcelona now for almost a week.  My plan was to upload the pictures from this week, some of which are really nice, up to the gallery.  Unfortunately there is some sort of an issue with security on the web browser so I will have to find another place.  I was surprised that I was able to attach my own USB device and read it, but yet was prevented from uploading to the site.  Anyway, I have tried to attach one photo here, which is me on the balcony of my Barcelona apartment.  It is a fairly nice place with a view of the neighborhood and is very close to all of the main city center attractions.

Gallery Avail for The Great World Trip

July 29th, 2008

Click here for the new gallery which I will use for the “Great World Trip” or type in

I have been busy packing and repacking.  I can’t wait to shove off!  It is so hard to decide what NOT to bring.  Everything should really fit into one back-pack to be sure.  I have a system of throwing away things as I go, so my pack will get lighter and smaller each day.  What I do is to save any item of clothing that I am tempted to get rid of throughout the year, and use it one last time when traveling abroad.

Try it!

Christopher (me) with my backpack in the “Chart Room”


July 28th, 2008

Ever since I was a little boy I have loved to travel. My family took a lot of trips when I was a child. My grandmother would always give me some money a few days before departure. No one gives me money any longer, but I haven’t lost the overwhelming desire to travel.

At long last, it looks like I will fulfill my dream of going all the way around the world. The original plan was to take a year in doing so, but I have become involved in a career now and am lucky to have the two months off.

On August 2nd, I will leave for Barcelona where I will stay a month studying spanish five days a week. There will be weekend jaunts to the Pyranese, Portugal, and Morocco. Following this I will go to Cairo, Nairobi, Dubai, Bangkok, and Tokyo.

Keep checking back as I will be taking thousands of photos!!!

Prior travel gallery is here.

How it feels to be 40

April 7th, 2008

I turned 40 last week (March 27th). I can’t really tell much of a difference though, I feel as good as ever! Life is pretty good, I eat well and exercise so I expect to feel good for many years to come. The only difference I have noticed (and it didn’t happen all at once on 3.27.08), is that I am a little more conservative with certain things like my driving habits, finances, health, etc. This is a good thing! I did have one hell of a party though, and you should definitely check out the pics on my smugmug page.

Body Fat Ultrasound

March 15th, 2008

Christopher Ryan’s Body Fat UltrasoundToday was the grand opening of the outdoor pool at the gym, eFitness (if you happen to join please mention my name so that I will get something for free) and they were offering half price ultrasounds to measure body fat or body mass index (bmi). I wanted to settle the question once and for all as to how fat I really am. According to the $50 results, my average body fat is 24.5%, with the vast majority of it being in my right leg of all places!

I plan do to this test again in a couple of months to see if all of my working out is really paying off.

Hello World!

March 11th, 2008

Hello there dear Reader. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Christopher Ryan, and this is my story. I shall attempt to write this journal in much the same style as Mark Twain in “Roughing It.” This was a very interesting reflection of a portion of his life which focused much on his travel exploits, but often digressed to other stories from his past.

I also intend to use this as a guide to my website, so the reader will find it riddled with links to photos in my gallery.

Before we begin, I would like to invite you all to see a special section in my gallery, which has one photo for each year of my life.